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Handprint Flower
Flowers made from the handprints of one or more children make wonderful gifts!
Handprint Christmas Wreath
A Christmas Hand Print Craft - great to display, or to give as gifts.
Handprint Christmas Tree
This makes a great gift or a lovely decoration that you can get out every Christmas to decorate your house. I made it on Canvas and it is a lovely memory of how tint winy my daughters hands were! She loves it when I put it up at Christmas
Festive Bell
A pretty Christmas bell that can be used to decorate the house or as a Christmas card or just for fun
Simple Christmas wreath
A very simple Christmas decoration that younger kids can do quickly and easily. There are lots of options for decorating these - sequins and spangles, painted pasta shapes, glitter glue, buttons to name a few.
Canvas wall picture 3D bufferflies and flowers
This makes a lovely picture for the wall. I wanted a project that my daughter and I could do together and keep. Would also make a great project to do for Mothers Day, or as a gift for Grandma.
White crayon surprise picture
This is great for pre-school kids and is so quick and easy


Butterfly Footprint
✶✶✶✶✶ fabulous

My 4 year old loved this project. We made loads of them and so decided to make a picture - see my project 'wall picture 3D butterflies'

Egg Cup Flower Canvas
✶✶✶✶✶ great project, love it

Such a fun project and easy to do. We made this for a gift for my daughters pre-school teacher and she loved it. It is so cheap to do and daughter enjoyed it loads