Handprint Christmas Tree

This makes a great gift or a lovely decoration that you can get out every Christmas to decorate your house. I made it on Canvas and it is a lovely memory of how tint winy my daughters hands were! She loves it when I put it up at Christmas

Handprint Christmas Tree

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Difficulty Easy
Duration 15-30 minutes
Age Any
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Project origin www.craftjr.com


  • brown felt tip or brown paint
  • coloured paper to make a large star for top of tree
  • green paint
  • sequins or stars and gule (optional)
  • sheet of white paper (approx 12x15 inches) or a blank canvas


    1. Paint your child's hand green
    2. Make 4 hand prints next to each other to make bottom of tree
    3. Make 3 hand prints in a row above (each one overlapping the tips of the fingers on row below and placed half way between the two prints below)
    4. Make 2 prints in row above (repeating step 2 method)
    5. Make one print on the final top row (repeating step 2 method)
    6. Wait to dry
    7. Add trunk in felt tip or brown paint
    8. Stick on some decorations (sequins, stars, confetti, ribbon or just use felt tip to draw on decorations)
    9. Make a star for top (I put diamantes on but you can do anything really)


    1. If the paint is too thin you can add a little bit of baking flour
    2. Practice the hand print on plain scrap paper first
    3. The size of paper requires will depend on the size of your child's hand
    4. I sometimes you plain wallpaper lining roll to get cheap paper that is large
    5. Start in bottom left (leaving enough space below for trunk and work across to right then next row do the same


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