Roller Painting

Inexpensive Mini Paint Rollers can be used to create some really eye catching paintings - and even the smallest kids will have a blast doing this easy craft project.

Roller Painting Roller Painting

Project Info

Difficulty Easy
Duration Under 15 minutes
Age 3+
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  • Kids Paint
  • Mini Roller (can be purchased from a hardware or painters supply store)
  • Paper


    1. Pour some paint into a sallow dish
    2. Roll the mini-roller back and forth in the paint until it is well coated.
    3. Roll the roller over the paper.
    4. Repeat until done.


    1. Use multiple colors for added interest
    2. Attach a stencil to the page prior to painting with the roller to create silhouettes.
    3. Thumbnail Image: Roller_Painting_01.jpg Other images: Roller_Painting_02.jpg


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    Useful supplies

    Work Tools International 54164 4-Inch Whizz Premium Mini Paint Roller with 13-Inch Handle, Gold Stripe
    $6.99 Buy on Amazon
    SunWorks Smart-Stack Construction Paper, 11 Assorted Colors, 9" x 12", 300 Sheets
    $9.78 Buy on Amazon
    Sargent Art 22-7099 6-Count 8-Ounce Fluorescent Watercolor Magic Set
    $23.79 Buy on Amazon

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