Christmas Stockings Collage

If you have a child who loves to cut, then this is the perfect Christmas project. My son had a great time finding the "red bits" in old magazines, cutting them up and gluing them on his stocking. You could turn these into cute Christmas cards, or punch a hole in the corner and hang from the Christmas Tree. Either way, they are a great preschool project!

Christmas Stockings Collage Christmas Stockings Collage

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Difficulty Easy
Duration 15-30 minutes
Age Any
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  • Kids Scissors
  • Old Magazines
  • Washable Glue
  • White Card


    1. Draw a Stocking Shape on card and cut out. (If you are not comfortable drawing a stocking freehand, you can find lots of templates online - just do a Google Image Search for Christmas Stocking).
    2. Look through the pile of magazines and tear out any pages that have "red" things on them. Cut up the torn pages to make a pile of pieces of red colored magazine pieces.
    3. Stick the red magazine pieces all over the stocking.
    4. Add cotton ball fluff to the top of the stocking.


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    Useful supplies

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