Thanksgiving Turkey Greetings Card

These bright and cheerful turkeys are a great way to send Thanksgiving Greetings to friends and families. As a bonus, they will also keep your kids busy for a bit as they create the body by threading circles of tissue paper.

Thanksgiving Turkey Greetings Card

Project Info

Difficulty Slightly challenging
Duration Under 15 minutes
Age 5+
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  • Black pony beads
  • Blank Greetings Card made from Card in color of choice
  • Blunt embroidery needle
  • Brown Card or Paper (e.g. from a paper bag)
  • Brown Thread
  • Brown Tissue Paper
  • Colored craft feathers
  • Orange Craft Foam
  • Orange Pipe Cleaner


    1. Adult Preparation: First make the body. Cut several 2" circles from brown tissue paper (by hand or using a circle punch). Crunch up the tissue paper circles and then flatten out again (to get a crumpled effect)
    2. Adult Preparation: Thread a needle with a length of brown thread.
    3. Adult Preparation: Thread the needle through a pony bead, and tie the end of the thread around the bead.
    4. Thread the circles of tissue paper, pulling each circle down to the bead at the bottom. When you have passed 4-5 tissue circles along the thread, pass another pony bead onto the needle, and pull down on top of the tissue circles.
    5. Tie the end of the thread to the final pony bead.
    6. Cut out a smaller circle from the brown paper / card. Stick this on top of the topmost pony bead, to create a head. Now glue 2 black pony bead eyes, and an orange craft foam triangle beak onto the head.
    7. Glue colored feathers to the opposite side of the tissue paper pile to create tail feathers.
    8. Cut and shape the pipe cleaner into feet and glue to the underside of the turkey.
    9. Finally, glue the turkey to your greetings card.


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    Useful supplies

    Elmer's Glue-All Multi-Purpose Liquid Glue, Extra Strong, 7.625 Ounces, 1 Count (E1324)
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    Dress My Cupcake DMC79510 200-Piece Tissue Paper, 20 by 14-Inch, Chocolate Brown
    PAVILIA Kraft Paper Lunch Bags 30-pc
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    Creativity Street Big Box of Chenille Stems, 150-Count, Assorted Colors (AC5547)
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    PAPER COMPANY Cardstock Super Value Pack Asst, 8-1/2-Inch-by-11-Inch 200-Pack, Assorted, 18 Colors
    Darice Opaque Black Pony Beads – Great Craft Projects for All Ages – Bead Jewelry, Ornaments, Key Chains, Hair Beading – Round Plastic Bead With Center Hole, 9mm Diameter, 1,000 Beads Per Bag
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    Assorted Feathers 100-Pack - Neon Bright Mixed Colors 14g Bag Craft Feather

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