Autumn Tree

This vibrant activity is a great one for a family or preschool group - participants of all ages can work together to create the leaves which an older child or adult can then cut out and put together to form a tree

Autumn Tree

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Difficulty Slightly challenging
Duration 1 hour
Age Any
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  • A paper bag (large - grocery sized)
  • Glue
  • Large Sheet of White Card (or paper stuck onto card)
  • PAint Brushes, sponges etc
  • Paint (in Autumn Colors)
  • White Paper


    1. Using red, orange, yellow and brown paint; paint several sheets of white paper. The more interesting the texture, the better: experiment with using sponges, paint rollers, finger painting, marbling etc
    2. Cut out leaf shapes from the painted paper
    3. Cut out one side of the paper bag forming a large rectangle. Now cut 4 lines about 2 inches deep into the paper bag. Now twist each of these 4 lines taking care not to break them off of the rest of the bag - you are forming the branches of the tree. Now twist the rest of the bag - forming the trunk of the tree.
    4. Glue the tree to the large sheet of card arranging the branches into a loose tree shape
    5. Glue the leaves around the branches. Place a little glue on the base of the leaf only and then attach, leaving the rest of the leaf free. By folding the leaf slightly and overlapping leaves, you can get a great 3D effect.


    1. You could adapt this project by making leaves by doing crayon rubbings of real leaves....


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    Useful supplies

    Crayola Artista II Washable Liquid Tempera Paint, Set of 12, 16oz , Assorted Colors (54-8216)
    Strathmore STR-27-209 20 Sheet Kids Paint Pad, 9 by 12"
    Creative Arts by Charles Leonard Stubby Flat Paint Brushes, Assorted Colors, Class Pack, 10/Set (5184)
    $6.18 Buy on Amazon

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