Stars n Stripes Pinwheels

Celebrate 4th July with these celebratory homemade pinwheels.

Stars n Stripes Pinwheels

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Difficulty Slightly challenging
Duration 1 hour
Age 5+
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  • A White (thick) paper square 8.5x8.5 inches
  • Air Dry Clay
  • Blue Glitter (Optional)
  • Craft Knife or Sharp Scissors
  • Glue Gun
  • Masking Tape
  • Paint (Red and Blue)
  • SIlver Star Sequins or White Paint
  • Sponge
  • Wooden Kebab Stick


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  1. Adults only: Using a craft knife or sharp scissors, cut the sharp end off the kebab stick. Discard cut end. Now cut the kebab stick again - about 1 inch from the end.
  2. Form a small ball out of air dry clay and place on the end of the long peice of kebab stick. Push the small piece of stick into the ball of clay at right angles to the first.
  3. Form another small ball of clay and stick onto the end of the short piece of stick.
  4. Now carefully pull the clay balls off the sticks (without altering their shape). Place to one side and leave overnight to dry.
  5. Cut Strips of Masking Tape and place along the paper square to form stripes.
  6. Using a sponge, apply red paint to the paper, covering entirely
  7. Allow to dry and then carefully remove the masking tape pieces. You will be left with red and white stripes.
  8. Turn the paper over and paint blue. If using, sprinkle blue glitter all over the wet paint. Allow to dry.
  9. Glue silver stars onto the blue paper - or paint on white stars.
  10. Make a fold by taking a corner of the square and placing on the opposite corner (to create a triangle). Now fold the triangle in half to create a smaller triangle.
  11. Using scissors, cut a small piece off the end of the tip of the triangle.
  12. Unfold the paper.
  13. Now cut a line along each fold line from the corner to approximately 2 inches from the center.
  14. Take one of the cut corners and fold down to the center of the paper square. Using hot glue affix into position. Do not smooth into a fold - you want the paper to be curved.
  15. Move to the next corner and repeat for all 4 corners.
  16. Reassemble the kebab sticks / air dry clay. First, using hot glue, attach the appropriate clay ball to the top of the long kebab stick. Now attach the small kebab stick. Slide the paper pin wheel onto the stick, and then attach the final clay ball to the end of the stick using hot glue.
  17. Your pin wheel is now complete


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Useful supplies

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