Sparkling Bonfire / Campfire Picture

There's nothing like gathering round a nice roaring fire, whether that be at the end of a day's camping or as part of Bonfire Night Celebrations (in the UK) on the 5th November. This cute fire picture allows you to safely bring some of the fun inside.

Sparkling Bonfire / Campfire Picture

Project Info

Difficulty Easy
Duration 15-30 minutes
Age 3+
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  • Black Card
  • Coffee Filters
  • Glitter (Gold and Red is best)
  • Twigs / Sticks
  • Watercolor Paints
  • White Glue


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  1. Using a spray water bottle, lightly dampen the coffee filter.
  2. Using red, yellow and orange watercolors paint the entire coffee filter.
  3. Once dry, randomly drizzle lines of glue all over the coffee filter.
  4. Sprinkle glitter all over the glue.
  5. Once dry, cut the coffee filter into flame shapes.
  6. Build the fire picture. First, gle a couple of the flames onto the black paper. Then glue a few twigs on top at the base of the flames. Continue layering twigs and flames until all the flames are in place.


  1. When gluing the flames to the paper, scrunch up the base of the flame to give your picture a more dynamic / 3 dimensional effect.


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Useful supplies

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