Soda Bottle Shower

Fascinating fact: Soda bottle tops are the same fitting as a standard garden hose faucet. That means that you can screw a garden hose onto a soda bottle. Drill a few holes in the bottle, and string it up a tree (or as we did - up a basketball hoop) and you have a fun outdoor shower for cooling off on those summer days.

Soda Bottle Shower

Project Info

Difficulty Slightly challenging
Duration 15-30 minutes
Age 3+
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  • Dril
  • Empty, clean 2L Soda Bottle
  • Hose
  • Large 2L Soda Bottle
  • Male:Female hose adaptor


    1. ADULTS ONLY: Drill several holes in the bottom of a soda bottle
    2. Attach your garden hose to the faucet
    3. Attach the male:female hose adaptor to the end of the hose: this ensures that you have a female fitting on both ends of the hose - so that you can screw it onto both the faucet and the soda bottle.
    4. Attach the hose to the soda bottle
    5. Suspend the soda bottle from a tree, or other high point.
    6. Turn on the water, and enjoy your shower!


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    Useful supplies

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