Duck Tape Pencil Cases

Duck Tape when stuck to itself makes a durable fabric that is ideal for making these cool pencil cases. To make duck tape fabric you simply cut two identical lengths of duck tape and then join them sticky side to sticky side. To join two pieces of fabric simply use another piece of tape. The challenge: to only stick what you want to stick!

Duck Tape Pencil Cases

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Difficulty Difficult
Duration 1 hour
Age 10+
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  • Adhesive Velcro Squares (x2)
  • Duck Tape (Ideally 2 rolls each in different colors / patterns)
  • Scissors


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  1. If you are using 2 colors of duck tape, then: C1 = Color 1 = the body of the pencil case C2 = Color 2 = the flap of the pencil case
  2. Cut 2 lengths of Duck Tape (C1) each 8 inches long. Join these together by overlapping their long edges by 0.5" - keeping the sticky sides of the tape facing upward. This is piece P1
  3. Cut a third 8" length of Duck Tape (C1). This is piece P2. Join pieces P2 to Piece P1 by placing it on top (sticky side down) and aligning it with one of the edges of piece P2. Place this to one side
  4. Cut 3 more lengths of duck tape (C2) - each 8" long. Put one piece on the table sticky side up. Place the second piece on top of the first, overlapping the edges so that it's edge is placed along the centre line of the first piece (both sticky sides facing up). Now place the third length of tape sticky side down so that it covers the first piece of tape exactly. This is piece P3
  5. P3 will be the flap of your pencil case. You need to join this to P2 (the body of the case). To do this you need to align the sticky flap of P3 to the sticky portion of P2. In other words, place P3 on top of P2 (sticky sides up) so that P3 overlaps P3 by half a tape width.
  6. Cut another 8" piece of tape (C1) and place this sticky side down over the join between piece P2 and P3. You should now have a rectangle of fabric that has no remaining sticky section (P4).
  7. Cut 4 more pieces of 8" long tape (C1). Join 2 pieces together by overlapping their long edges by 0.5" - keeping the sticky sides of the tape facing upward. Repeat. Now join these sections together (sticky sides together) to create a non sticky section of suck tape fabric (P5)
  8. Place Section P5 on top of P4. It should align exactly (there should be no sticky bits on either P4 or P5 so these pieces should not stick). Trim the edges if necessary.
  9. You now need to join P5 to P4. Do this by folding 3 pieces of tape over both sides and the base of the pencil case.
  10. Fold the unstuck flap over and run your finger along the crease.
  11. Apply your velcro squares to the lid and body of the pencil case so that it can be fastened closed.


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