Marbled Valentine

Shaving foam and paint can be used by even the smallest artist to create beautiful marbled paper. Put that paper to good use in these gorgeous Valentines.

Marbled Valentine Marbled Valentine

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Difficulty Slightly challenging
Duration 1 hour
Age 3+
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  • Colored Card (approx 8" x 10")
  • Foil Covered Chocolate Heart
  • Large shallow container (at least 9" x 11")
  • Paint (Liquid Watercolors or Acrylic) or Food Coloring
  • Shaving Foam
  • White paper (cut into squares about 6" x 8")


    1. Fill your shallow container with shaving foam
    2. Scatter blobs of paint (or food coloring) on the shaving foam
    3. Swirl the colors together gently (using a stick, your finger or the end of a spoon)
    4. Place a white paper square on top of the shaving foam, press down gently.
    5. Lift off carefully.
    6. Use a flat edge (e.g. a piece of card, a ruler etc) to scrape the excess shaving foam off of the paper.
    7. Repeat.
    8. When your marbled paper is dry, cut a large heart from each sheet.
    9. Take your card and fold each one in half along its length.
    10. Glue a marbled heart to the front of the card.
    11. Using a small dot of glue attach the foil colored heart to the front of the card.
    12. Happy Valentines!


    1. You should get many pictures from one batch of marbling. But if the paint is fading, then simply add more color and swirl again.
    2. Sprinkle Glitter on your foam before placing the card for an added sparkle.
    3. If you do this activity with a toddler or preschooler then chances are that they will have most fun playing with the shaving foam after you are all done with making paper. It is a fantastic sensory experience - and washes off easily, with the added of bonus of leaving your child smelling amazing!
    4. For a variation on this project, the chocolate muffin-tree created valentines garlands:


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