Floating Tissue Ghost

Wooooo. These Ghosts are so much fun to make for Halloween. They make a great Halloween craft for elementary school age children. And they also make wonderful decorations for a Halloween party or event.

Floating Tissue Ghost

Project Info

Difficulty Slightly challenging
Duration 15-30 minutes
Age 5+
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  • Black Card
  • Craft Wire
  • Styrofoam Ball
  • White Pipe Cleaner
  • White Tissue Paper
  • White pony bead or button


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  1. Cut your pipe cleaner in half
  2. Shape each pipe cleaner piece into a curve, and poke each into the styrofoam ball to form arms.
  3. Cut a length of craft wire that is 4 times as long as the diameter of your styrofoam ball.
  4. Fold the craft wire in half and twists the ends together. This will form a loop that will be used for hanging your ghost. You now need to attach the loop to the ball.
  5. Poke the twisted end of the craft wire through the styrofoam all so that it pokes through the bottom.
  6. To secure the wire so that it does not pull out, push a bead or button onto the twisted end of the craft wire. Fold the end of the wire around the bead / button until it is pointing back towards the ball. Now pull gently on the other end of the wire until the bead stops the wire from moving any further.
  7. Take a Sheet of Tissue Paper and fold into a triangle.
  8. Make a small hole in approximately the middle of the tissue paper and poke the wire loop through the hole, folding the tissue paper over the ball.
  9. Carefully shape the tissue paper around the styrofoam ball and pipe cleaners using your hands to apply gentle pressure.
  10. Using scissors cut randomly into the bottom of the tissue paper to create a "tattered" look.
  11. Cut out 2 circles and an oval from the black card to use as eyes and a mouth for the ghost. Apply with glue,


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Useful supplies

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