Growing Avocado Trees

Watching the stone from an avocado tree grow is fascinating. Following this method, you can watch the growth of the roots and shoots. They grow incredibly fast with nearly daily changes being noticeable.

Growing Avocado Trees

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  • 2 toothpicks
  • avocado (preferably local, organic; but store bought ones are ok too)
  • pot
  • potting compost
  • tall narrow jam jar or drinking glass


    1. Remove the stone (pit) from the avocado: carefully slicing around the length of the avocado taking care not to damage the pit, and twist the two halves apart.
    2. Wash the avocado pit to remove all remnants of the flesh.
    3. Push a cocktail stick into the side of the pit so that it pierces the stone by about 5mm. You should place the stick about half way down the fruit. Repeat with another stick opposite the first, and then 2 more so that you end up with 4 sticks placed around the aoutside of the stone (Note: the avocado seed is upright when the pointed end is pointing upward).
    4. Use the cocktail stick to balance the avocado seed on the top of the glass jar.
    5. Place in a warm, light spot
    6. After about 2 weeks the seed will begin to crack and roots will appear, followed soon after by a shoot and leaves.
    7. Once the plant has 2 leaves, you need to transfer the seedling to a pot. Fill the post with compost and dig a hole large enough to ensure that the seed and it’s roots will be covered with soil. Gently, taking care not to damage the roots, transfer the seedling into soil and lightly cover with compost.
    8. Water until the soil is moist.
    9. Place in a warm, light spot – and watch your avocado grow.


    1. Remember to keep the compost damp but not wet – otherwise your seedling will not prosper.
    2. Be sure to change the water every couple of days – water that is not fresh can contain contaminants that could damage your avocado
    3. Did you know: Avocados are native to central mexico, and are a fruit! They contain nearly 20 vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients—nutrients derived from plant material that provide a defense against cancers, heart disease, and signs of premature aging.
    4. The first root that the avocado produces is known as the tap root. The primary purpose of this root is to quickly grow deep into the soil to find water for the plant. Lateral (or secondary) roots sprout later from the tap root.
    5. Did you know that avocados are a fruit!
    6. Did you know that 90% of the avocados sold in the US are grown in California! The California Avocado website has lots of information on avocados including some great tips on growing your own as well as lots of information on the many nutritional benefits of this amazing fruit:


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