Our World: Nature and Environment

The natural world is full of interesting and beautiful inspiration that fascinates kids. And it’s no surprise - exploring nature is so satisfying, whether it is seeking bugs and critters in the mud in your yard, climbing trees outside, hunting acorns or chasing butterflies in the park, These projects provide opportunities for you and your kids to be inspired by the nature in your backyard, to explore the wildlife in your neighborhood and to find out about animals and plants are are more exotic and live further afield (or in the past such a dinosaurs, or in our imaginations such as unicorns!).

Of course, exploring the natural world goes well beyond learning about the animals and plants that inhabit our earth. There’s lots to discover about the earth itself - by making exploding volcanoes, collecting and decorating rocks, and learning about weather systems through fun science experiments.

Doing these projects is a brilliant way to foster our children’s love of nature and of our planet, and thus, hopefully, their interest in looking after it. It’s also a wonderful way to encourage children to find inspiration in the world around them.